Home Learning

Wow! What a busy few days children at Winton have had. We have had a tremendous about of emails sharing photos and videos of so many fantastic activities that you have been getting up to at home.

Many children have been using their art and craft skills to create some brilliant pictures and crafts. Have a look at this child’s creation, which he has called ‘The Final Chance’. It looks great fun – well done!


art and craft marble 2


These children have also been having a go at lots of art and craft activities. Have a look at the gallery below to see what they have been up to!




 Have you seen Mr Crowter’s mouth-watering cooking video? These children have enjoyed watching it to create their own chocolate tiffin at home. 

Mr Sykes and his daughter have submitted their cat tanks for you to judge!

While this child made her own pizza!

Lots of children have been thinking about how they can help nature and have created bird feeders, bee watering stations and have even been gardening and growing their own vegetables.




Whilst these two children have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly and a frog.

It has been fantastic to see so many children still working hard and practicing their maths, writing and reading skills every day. Keep it up!

Here are some of the maths activities children have been completing today.




These two children in KS1 have worked extremely hard on Numbots and have achieved the targets set by their teachers!

Here are some of the brilliant writing activities children have been completing today.




Whilst these children have been enjoying reading to themselves and others in their family.




We are still love to hear from you at home and it is great to see we have some more postcards on the way for us to read.

Whilst other children have sent us in pictures of their Headteacher’s award and prizes.

This child in Year 5 has worked extremely hard on their learning tasks that we sent home. Look at all of her brilliant work!

There have been some brilliant science investigations happening at home. One child made their own skittles experiment and another child independently created their own shadow puppet.

Whilst these children have been learning about the body and the skeletal system. This child created the body out of items she found at home and labelled each part!

Have a look at these fantastic ways of displaying and learning all about the skeleton.




Geography has been a popular subject today, with lots of children successfully identifying and labelling places on a map.




 Take a look at the wide variety of other learning and fun activities that have been happening this week.



Next week is half term so no need to do any work unless you want to!  Our website will include some activities that will keep you busy if you are bored but it won’t be quite as extensive as the work we have been setting in recent weeks!  Enjoy your holiday.