Home Learning

It has been another busy day of home learning! The most popular subjects today have definitely been maths and spellings and it has been great to see so many different ways of learning.

Take a look at the gallery below to see all the ways children have practiced their spellings and phonics today!




These children have been busy learning lots of maths skills.




Whilst this child took his maths a step further and combined his work on time with his knowledge of the Romans – well done!

It has been great to see so many children enjoying their activities in their packs. Look at Matteo’s brilliant marble run game!



And this pet tank from Mr Skykes’ challenge!

These children have returned their postcards to their teachers. Please keep them coming in, we love hearing from you!

This child has been creating a brilliant bee watering station and an instruction manual.

Year 2 have been learning all about Queen Victoria, here are some brilliant facts all about her regime.

Having some extra time at home has meant that some children have taken up a new hobby. This Year 4 child has been having a go at photography.

Whilst other children have had new additions to their family – meet Brownie, who is 13 weeks old!

Très bien! This is an excellent piece of French work.

Have a look at the gallery below to see all the other brilliant work that has been completed today!