Wednesday Wow Work

Wednesday saw another overflowing email inbox with your home learning tasks!  It has been great to see so many of you have received your packs and have had a go at the activites that were inside.  We start today with a gallery of activities from across the school that were in those envelopes!


Miss Yelland set a SAQ challenge yesterday and two children sent in this video of them having a go – great job!


Lots of you had a go at art activities today.  Some lovely work was produced as a result.

Many of the tasks this week involved nature walks and collecting things along the way.  Then producing charts, pictures or information based on what had been collected.

Labelling the human body has also been a popular activity this week – some budding scientists have taken this challenge on.

One eager scientist even created their own friction experiment today.

Whilst Dylan and Harry worked hard on their reading comprehension.

There was some super Year 2 maths completed as well.

Some of the activities may have been designed to make us laugh – or perhaps make us a little scared – I am not sure which!

Ethan wrote about his animal.

And check out this super pig!

This Reception pupil wrote a book and shared it with his family.

As usual we finish with a gallery of work and pictures that you sent into today.  Keep up the great work everyone!