Home Learning

With a long bank holiday weekend to catch up on we have LOTS of work to share today!

During lockdown many of you have developed into budding Scientists and have been great at completing experiments at home.  Here is one of the many children who have completed the coin experiment.

One pupil preferred to explain their learning about the life cycle of a plant in a video.

Whilst others of you have carried out Scientific research projects – take a look at these, they look great.

Did you see the lemon powered clock? That really is a clever bit of Science.  Who would have thought you could use lemons as batteries?

Many of you continue to watch the Keep Busy videos and use them as inspiration for your daily activities.

Busy Today

The quality of art work that is sent in continues to improve, some of you are really making the most of the time at home to develop into talented artists.

Here is a collage made from items gathered during a camping trip to the garden!

This week one year group had to construct a family tree!

Several children earnt Headteacher Awards for their efforts.

One family have started to learn South Korean – trying to learn a new language is a real challenge!

A couple of older children had to construct a well known landmark from lego.

A few people received the letter and pack from their teacher today and got straight on with the activities inside.


Not surprisingly lots of you have been making VE day bunting, baking and preparing for parties!

VE Day

Here is a gallery of the rest of the work you sent in over the last few days.

May 11