Home Learning

Lots of great work again today, across a whole range of tasks, year groups and curriculum areas.  Last week the first pupils earnt a Headteacher Award for their home learning and we are awarding a lot more this week to children who have sent in good work for us to see.  We can’t recognise everyone but we will keep an eye out for children who are working particularly hard and say well done to them.  We know how hard it is to work at home for families and so where children are trying their best we want to reward them for their efforts if we can.  Keep an eye out for a special delivery if you have been working hard!

Writing was a focus for many of you today and there were lots of writing pictures sent in.  Take a look at this writing for children to be proud of in the gallery below.

5 May Writing

Many of you continue to take part in the “Keep Winton Busy” challenges and here is a gallery of those of you who have completed recent challenges such as the word search or tulip challenge!

5th Busy

The rest of the work you sent in today is contained in the gallery below – do have a browse through and see what everyone has been up to!

5th May

Lovely to see your work today.  remember though the most important thing you can do whilst you are at home is keep up your reading.  Mr Tarchetti’s message to everyone is read, read, read!

You can read a book or something else if you prefer, so long as you read.

And there are lots of areas of the curriculum that seem less like work and more like helping out.  Being in lockdown isn’t easy so the more you can do to help the better.  I was very impressed to see one Year 1 pupil chopping up vegetables and making soup!

Whilst another family decided to make bird feeders. However they also made it into a Science experiment!  They made two different feeders with different foods to see which the birds preferred – what a great idea.

Finally for today you have to take a look at this great piece of writing.  Normally we put up pictures of children doing their work or with their work.  However Violet sent her whole piece of work and we thought it was so great we would share it.  Have a read of her superb writing below!

Was it a dream?

The hustle of the trees, the whistle of the wind, the inescapable sound of nature. These things went in one ear of Oaklyns,and out the other. You see,Oaklyn was a very peculiar girl. Her head was always in the clouds and she rarely listened to the things around her. She was an explorer, and one of the many things she enjoyed to explore was cherry forest. It was an unpopular forest and no one ever visited it. Apart from Oaklyn.

One morning, Oaklyn decided that she would be visiting cherry forest that day. She packed her stuff, food, a water bottle, and a journal to write down things that she saw in the area. As soon as she got to her desired destination, something was different about it, but different was here speciality so she went with it anyways. Despite the eerie chills shivering slowly down her spine, she sat down and ate her food. She very much enjoyed being alone. Any “normal” kids would find it scary, or lonely, but it was peaceful and fun for Oaklyn.

After her snacks, she went on her journey to explore. She went to cherry forest often, so she had pretty much explored everywhere. Whilst she was looking around for something interesting to cure her boredom, she stumbled across a hole, not just any hole, this hole was vast and very deep. So deep you couldn’t even see the bottom. Oaklyn’s eyes lit up. She wanted to see how deep it was…

Twigs,leaves,branches,sticks,bark, it was very frustrating and fiddly, but Oaklyn attempted to make a ladder out of those materials. She was quite proud of her ladder looking thing. The dirt flaked off the side of the mysterious hole when she placed her ladder down it. Her heart raced with fear and regret. It’s extremely rare to see Oaklyn scared or worried about something, but I guess she had a good reason to feel scared.
“1…2…3…,” Oaklyn jumped down the hole,
The maniacal girl was still falling, she was screaming, it was instant regret not to use her ladder to climb down the whole.

Thud…she landed hard on her back into what seemed like vines, but it was too dark to be sure. A burning sensation rot her brain as she scrabbled out of the pit of vines, she felt faint. SLAM. All daylight disappeared. It was almost like the hole closed in on itself. Oaklyn was shivering in utter fear. It was instant regret and she immediately wished she was back at home, safe, in her own bed.

She tried walking a little bit incase there was another way out but came across three doors. They were all lined up next to each other. Painted on the first door with thick red paint was the phrase “not scary”, painted on the middle door was “scary” and painted on the last door was “very scary”. She felt pressured, it was her only way out, she took a deep breath and opened the door which said “not scary”.

BOOM. The door slammed behind her as she walked in, it was pitch black, empty. Well that’s at least what she thought. Coming out if the darkness was a creature, it was a huge snake, it slithered up to her with it blood thirsty fangs and it’s hissing tongue. She screamed and twisted the handle of the door hoping it would open and free her from her fait. The snake hissed and bit her on the arm

“AHHHHH”,Oaklyn screeched as she woke up in her bead, sweaty and terrified,
“It must of been a bad dream, but it’s seemed so real”, she whispered to herself. Then she looked down on her arm. There were two huge bite marks… was it a dream?