Today’s Home Learning

We’ve had lots and lots of work submitted today!…

Year 3 have been writing non-chronological reports this week and the theme has been ‘trolls’. This pupil enjoyed planning and writing an information text about her own troll with sub-headings, clear paragraphs, diagrams and including some interesting adjectives and adverbial phrases to grasp the reader’s attention. Well done!


These children went out on a bug hunt this morning. They took photos of what they found and created a photo collage…





We also had some butterflies emerging from their chrysalises!


Also in Year 1, children have been comparing weights of objects and we were impressed with these home made scales…


In fact, there has been lots going on. Take a look at the Flickr slideshow photos below to see what else people have been up to. There’s moon research from Year 3, lots of maths activities, some research on Mount Everest and different countries, explanations about how gears work – and Mr Overment is pleased to see people having a go at making a cloud in a jar.

April 29th

And we even had a couple of great PowerPoint presentations. These are down the bottom of the page and well worth a look.

Last but not least, Mr Mitchell and Mr Wallace were blown away by this great stop frame animation version of their Dot and Dash video in the same style as the original. Outstanding!