Today’s Home Learning

What a brilliant day of home learning! Quite a few of the activities undertaken today have continued to be related to our ‘Keep Winton Busy’ videos and have focused mainly on maths, with lots of children using Miss Power’s video to create their own maths dart board game.


Here is one of our Year 6 children using a protractor to measure angles and answer some tricky questions!

Yesterday many families celebrated Earth Day and we have continued to receive lots of pictures and facts about endangered animals today. If you would like to find out more about Earth Day, why not take a look at the National Geographic Kids website. 

This child took part in a Geography classroom lesson on YouTube. He thought about how humans are damaging our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and researched endangered animals from the Borneo rainforest. 

One family went on a nature walk, collected items and then created a picture – well done!

earth day

Professor Gregory has continued to inspire many children to take part in science experiments today, this child in Year 4 has made predictions about her experiment and then shared her results with us.

Science has been a theme that lots of children have investigated today. One child in Year 3 has been completing a project all about skeletons, whilst another child in Year 3 has been enjoying having a go at Space activities on our home learning page.

Here are the rest of the pictures you sent in over the last 24 hours!

Daily Work