Busy Day

Now the Easter holiday is over it has been great to see the homelearning mailbox start to fill up with your work and pictures – thanks for sending them in!  Some of you have already had a go at Mr King’s bubble writing, the video for this only went live this morning so we expect there will be a few more pictures of your work on this tomorrow!

There have also been lots of other pieces of art being created today!

These children have worked hard with money carrying out a variety of sorting and mathematical tasks.

It has been obvious from the pictures that you have sent in that there has been lots of hard work across a variety of curriculum areas.

As a special treat for Mr Wallace someone sent in a video of the noise their Kazoo made.

Probably the most popular activity today was Professor Gregory’s Science and here is a gallery of the pictures you sent in.


As well as a video of one experiment.

Keep the pictures coming in everyone we want to see what you are gtting up to.