Home Learning

The children at Winton have had a brilliant day and weekend of learning! Many children have been having a go at our ‘Keep Winton Busy’ videos and we hope that you enjoy today’s investigation from Professor Gregory.

Have a look at these children who have worked really hard to complete Mrs Hammersley’s parabolic picture challenge.

Did you notice the moon last week? Perhaps you have spotted some shooting stars in the night sky! One child has been having a go at photography and has taken some very impressive pictures of the Moon and Venus.

Many families have been having a go at cooking together and one child has even created a French menu!

This child has been planting come coriander. I wonder how long it will take until she sees them growing?

Look at all of these children who have been working on their spellings at home. Some have been matching the words to the correct picture and other children have taken up Miss Long’s challenge to help them with their spellings.


Everyone has been enjoying the opportunity to do lots of art and crafts at home. Take a look at these different crafts!

This pig called Springlet was created in school with Mrs Lord!

This is an amazing effort from a child in Year 3. He has researched lots of countries that begin with the letters of his name – well done!

Mountains has been a popular topic to research in Year 4 and this is an excellent example and has been laid out extremely neatly and this child has used excellent cursive handwriting. Great work!

This child has also been working extremely hard on their handwriting and has created a great piece of writing about Pigeon Impossible. 

I am sure lots of you will be working on something this week – make sure you send pictures and work to 

[email protected]