Growing in Year 1

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the sunshine. A couple of months ago we noticed that a few of our snack carrots in 1TG were growing leaves, so we decided to plant them! First, we measured them with a ruler. We made sure we put one end of the carrot at 0cm on the ruler. The first carrot was 3cm long, the second one was 4cm long and the third one was 5cm long. I have been looking after them at home for the last few weeks and the leaves have definitely been growing! I thought that they might need a bigger pot and decided to measure them before I put them into a new pot. They have grown! Look at the pictures to see how long they are now. Can you work out how many centimetres they have each grown? They are now in their new pot. You could try growing some carrots at home in a pot with a little bit of soil, or put a carrot top on a piece of wet kitchen roll and see what happens. I was inspired by this and took some seeds from a tomato and a cucumber in my fridge and planted them. The tomato seeds have started to grow! The cucumber seeds are not growing yet but I will keep watering them and see what happens. I would love to see some of the things you grow.



They are muddy still as I didn’t want to break the delicate roots.


Can you spot the beetle?                 


Tomato seedlings from a tomato in my fridge! No cucumber ones yet ….