Spring Chicken

It’s Easter Sunday and I am sure many of our families will still be celebrating Easter despite the fact that school is closed!  In the run up to the end of term one of the normal features of the school year is the regular performance of our Spring Chicken song!  The children thoroughly enjoy performing it – normally quite loudly and some of the staff enjoy it too!  As school is closed we have missed out this year but Mr Crowter didn’t want everyone to miss out on this highlight of the year so he tasked the staff with producing their own version of the song.  Staff in school and at home contributed and he has meshed their contributions together into a performance for you to enjoy!  It wasn’t always smooth sailing and the bloopers and all are in here for you to enjoy!

For those of you celebrating Easter – a very Happy Easter from everyone at Winton Primary.  For those of you who are not celebrating I think you will still be able to enjoy this performance!  Thanks Mr Crowter!