Today’s Learning

The last 24 hours have been busy at home with loads of work being sent in to the [email protected] email address.  Pictured below are examples of the activites that have been going on and the super range of learning that has taken place.  You are all doing a great job and it is brilliant to be able to share your work on our website!  Take a look at what has been going on.

Amelia from 1IB made up her own story

Teddy made some playdough and wrote out the recipe he used.

Some of you kept up your daily exercise – maybe even doing a mile?

Whilst others did helpful jobs whilst learning new skills.

We had lots of pictures of you working on your literacy – writing or spelling.  As well as completing Mr Sykes sentence builder challenge.

Lots of the work you are doing has an Easter focus.

Lovely to see you keeping up with your readinng – this is the most important thing you should be doing.  Please read every day!  Dressing up and standing like a flamingo while you do it is optional but reading isn’t!

Lots of you have been doing practical learning such as making models and cakes.

Lovely to see some great artwork coming in too.  Here is Darcie’s Warhol inspired art and Jayden’s rainbow to name just a couple.  Lyla’s tie dye work looks amazing too.

And more and more of you seem to be getting some dangerous pets.

Plenty of maths going on as well.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see lots of pictures and videos of you having completed today’s challenge from Mr Wallace and Mr Mitchell.

Mr Tarchetti