Home School Update

What a week of super learning has taken place across the WInton community!  A big well done to all of you that have been working hard at home.  Congratulations also to your grown ups who have done a great job replacing your teachers.  I also want to say a thank you and well done to the staff who have worked hard to produce support through the website for you to use in your learning at home – well done everybody!

Yesterday Miss Drayson set a drawing challenge and lots of you had a go at recreating the Winton tree.  Some amazing artwork in the gallery below.



We have been getting messages from lots of you and here is the selection of activites you have been up to over the last 24 hours.  Many children have enjoyed being artists today, some children have replicated famous artists designs and some children have created their own art.

Look at this example of Kandinsky’s Happy Triangles!

These two children have been busy baking breakfast bakes.

Whilst this family have been making delicious bread to eat.

Look at this amazing cake baked by these two children. They both measured out the ingredients to make it.

These children have been working hard on practising their maths skills at home.

Many of you have been practising your phonic sounds or spellings in lots of differnet ways, including using water pistols, building blocks and even a live spellathon.


Look at these girls in Year 4 working hard on their reading comprehension using a CGP book from school.

This is a fantatstic science experiment undertaken by a child in Reception. They created their own bubble machine. 

Amelia in Year 1 watched the Red Pandas on a live stream and then created this fantastic fact card.

Lots of you have been busy gardening and planting seeds.

A child in Year 2 did an exciting project and called it “Save Mother Earth”. The project is about saving water, saving electricity, recycling, going for a walk and growing plants and your own snacks – well done!

Lyla has been reserching the Easter story at home and has created a brilliant comic strip to show the key events.


This child in Reception has created a fantastic picture of their family tree.


Look at these children who have been working hard on their writing today.


We have a budding author who has just started his new book ‘Godzilla King of the Monsters’. We can not wait to read it!

These two have been doing some super sewing at home, these look like great animal puppets. 

Some super home learning about Egypt.

These children drew pictures on the ground using chalk and then played hop scotch. Great idea!