Mad about books!

This week we have celebrated books and a love of reading. We have asked children to send in photos of a “shelfie”- a selfie with their book shelf in the background! What a lot of books we have!  We also asked the children to send in photos of them reading in an extreme place, we certainly had some strange places to sit and read a book! Some people weren’t even sitting! 

We had great fun with “Mystery Readers” coming into school to surprise us with a story. The Reception teachers swapped classes and we had some adults from home coming in to read us a story. Thank you to anyone who was a “Mystery Reader”; the children loved listening to you read them a story. 

On Friday children were able to bring in a book they didn’t want anymore to donate to the book swap. 1SC loved having so many books to pick from – it was quite a tricky decision which new book to take home! Thank you, again, to anyone who donated a book to the book swap. 

What a busy week! Next week the reading excitement continues when we have an author coming to visit us. Watch out for another blog on that!