Today’s Keep Busy

Here is the second instalment of “Keeping WInton Busy”.  Today is a maths challenge from Mrs Packer.  For some of you it will be tricky and for others a little easier but most of you will be able to have a go!  The challenge goes pretty quickly but you can pause the video as well as write the sums down to make it easier.  If you want to make it really tricky see if you can do it without pausing, only play it once and get all ten correct!  As yesterday it would be great to see some pictures of you having a go at the challenge, or any of the work you have been doing at home.  We miss having everyone together but sharing what we have been up to on our website is a great way to stay in touch with each other.  So here it is – the maths challenge for today!

Mrs Packer also kindly recorded a story if you would like to listen to it today – no challenge you can just relax and listen. 

If you want to send pictures of your home learning or yourself reading then adults can send them to:

Have a good day everyone

Mr Tarchetti