Keep Busy!

Today we begin a series of “Keep Winton Busy” videos to support the other home learning materials on the website for the period children are not in school.  Our first activity revolves around the school logo – really fitting as this year is our 25th Anniversary!  To have a go at completing today’s challenge watch the video below to see what you need to do.  You should be able to pause the video so that you can work with the video and go at your own pace.

Once you have completed your tree ask a grown up to send a picture of your work, or you and your work, to: 

[email protected]

If you prefer you can re-create the school logo in any way you like and send us a picture of that.  You could use any media, 2D or 3D, some of the children at school used house points to have a go today!

We will then create a gallery of your work to share in a post on the website tomorrow.  So get going and send us your efforts.

Keep busy Winton!  We miss having you all at school.