Home School Day 3!

We have been inundated with so many of our Winton’s pupils brilliant work from home today. It is brilliant to see so many of you having a go at our weekly year group activities from our website and it looks like you are also having lots of fun whilst completing them! We hope you enjoyed our first video and challenge to draw a tree – make sure you look out for other staff setting challenges for all children over the next couple of days. 

Many children have been enjoying designing and drawing creative art pieces. Here is what Hansel, Hugo, Daisy, Ollie and Victoria have been creating today.

Holly has created a brilliant rainbow for her door!

Laysha in 6EL has produced a brilliant drawing of Charles Darwin and added excellent shading.

These two girls spent time in the garden drawing in body parts after drawing round their body. The girls also enjoyed finding out the uses of each body part. 

Here is a fantastic Easter bonnet!

Ollie, Hansel, Oliver, Daisy, Valeria and Jessica have been learning new maths skills.

Look at this great times tables test!

Daisy has been learning the months of the year.

Valeria has been using column method addition to solve these tricky number sentences. 

Many children have also been enjoying taking part in Science. Here is what Laysha, Holly, Sam, Olivia, Valeria, Alfie & Jacob have been up to.

Take a look at this evolution project in a shoe box. He had lots of fun and learning making it.

Two Year 6 girls have been learning about the circulatory system.

Mia did a nature walk with her family and spotted lots of different types of flowers.

PE and phsical activity has still been taking place at home as well as with us in school today. We are taking part in the Joe Wicks activities each morning along with Hansel, Victoria, Tristan, Benjamin and Jessica.

 A superstar drummer form Year 4 has been practising his skills!

Lots of you have also been enjoying reading today.

Ollie, Laysha and Holly have been learning and practising their spellings today. 

Many children have been busy doing topic work. In year 3 Chris and Valeria have been labelling Roman soliders.

In Year 2 pupils have been making a 1st class cabin for the Titanic – they both look fantastic!

In Year 5 children have been researching all about castles and these two both produced an excellent written biography of Cristiano Ronaldo – well done boys!

Lots of you have been working hard with your writing too!

Thanks for all the pictures – keep sending them in so we can share them on our website!