Day 1 of Home School!

At the end of last week, just before school closed, we managed to present some awards for children who have reached 150 star points.  A super achievement which gave them the opportunity to choose a book as their prize.  Yesterday was the first day of home school and we have already had plenty of emails showing what children have been up to on Day 1!

One creative pupil began by making their own home school uniform!

Jayden and Charlie sent in a few pictures showing they had been hard at work on a variety of tasks.

Amelia from 1IB designed and then built her own garden.

One pupil in 3NM completed her home learning project to make a shield and sent us a picture of her work – it looks amazing!

And finally we all know that reading is a vital skill and that daily reading is an essential part of any home education so it was great to see one young man who found a crazy place to complete his reading – inside the wardrobe!

Keep us up to date with your learning by sending pictures, achievements or messages to [email protected]

Great work everyone

Mr Tarchetti