Boat challenge

In year 2 we designed and made boats, then tested them to see if they would float.  Our boats had a clear purpose and an intended user.  We refined the design as work progressed and cut materials safely using scissors. We had to measure and mark out to the nearest centimetre and demonstrate a range of cutting and shaping techniques including tearing, cutting, folding and curling. We joined the materials using glue and tape.  We identified and compared the uses of a variety of everyday materials that we could use for our boats and performed a simple sinking/floating test, observing the results.  It was really important that we listened to each other and shared our ideas before deciding on our design and everyone took part in in making the boat. We discussed why some boats were more successful then others and how we could have improved the designs. We also found that to begin with the cardboard floated but that over time it would soak up too much water and start to sink but plastic bottles made very good bases for our boats.