The children in Year 1 have been busy learning all about dinosaurs this half term. Their work was so fabulous we decided to show people beyond the school’s 4 walls, so have made a display in Bournemouth Town Centre Library. Why not pop along over half term and have a look? The children had written facts cards about dinosaurs, which we proudly put on the display. We are really pleased with their super handwriting! 

The children also wrote descriptions of dinosaurs, this was at the very start of the topic and we were so impressed with how they carefully chose words in their descriptions. 

The children have learnt how to change the tint and shade of a colour by adding white and black respectively. They then used this skill to paint a dinosaur, we think they used colour very effectively. 

The children also learnt about dinosaurs skeletons and fossils and made their own skeletons using straws. 

So if you have a few spare minutes over the next week, why not take a trip into town and have a look.