Dancing Raisins

We are being scientists this week in Year 2 and started by doing an investigation called ‘Dancing Raisins’.  We were investigating what happened to a raisins when we dropped them in still water and then fizzy water. We made observations to see whether the raisins floated or sunk. We then usd those observattions to help us answer  the question, ‘What was the difference between the 2 reactions?” and then we had to explain why we thought that was. 

We really liked that the raisins seemed to dance when in the fizzy water and thought it must be the bubbles that pushed the raisins up and when they popped it sunk back down.

We found out that in the still water, the raisin sinks because the raisin is denser then the water.

We found out that in fizzy water the raisin is still denser then the water. However the bubbles of air get trapped in the grooves of the raisin, helping it to float back tp the surface. When the bubbles pop, the raisin sinks back down.