What do I want to be?

Reception have loved having lots of people come to visit us this week to learn about different jobs in the local community. 

Firstly, a plumber came to see us to talk about his exciting job. We found out about all the useful jobs a plumber does, the tools he carries around in his pockets and how his strong metal boots protect his feet. We learnt about how he stays safe by wearing protective clothing. We also made our own series of pipes and saw how the water travels down it. A HUGE thank you to Mr Trimby for a great afternoon.

Next, a nurse came to visit, she told us how we need to visit the doctor if we feel unwell, and how we must always tell an adult how we feel. She told us how we should wash our hands to help us keep germs away and how important it is to eat a balanced diet and keep fit. We even got to see some of her bandages and she showed us what she would do if we hurt ourselves. We asked some brilliant questions. 

Lastly, a Police Sergeant from Winton Police Station came to see us. He told us all about his job and how he works to keep the community safe. He told us how important it is to speak to a police man if there is a problem or you need help. He explained how they use different parts of their uniform to help them with their jobs. We even got to try on some of the uniform for ourselves and naughty Miss Power got arrested for eating too much chocolate!