Ready to run!

Over the past few weeks the children in Reception have made full use of the new running track. We have been going out (teachers included!) and running the mile as much as we can. It has been a pleasure to see all the children trying their best and never giving up. Some of the children have surpassed themselves and have run more than a mile, amazing! It is also lovely to hear that lots of the children have been joining in and running in local park runs. The children have also spent time in class discussing why we need to keep fit and healthy. They have spent some time in the brain gym, learning about healthy foods and why we need to exercise. This learning has had a huge impact on the children as they often talk to the teachers about their healthy lunch boxes and the different exercise they do outside of school. It is amazing to see the children running with huge smiles on their faces and their eagnerness to get back out on the track. Well done Reception, keep it up!