Rory Meets Dinosaurs!

Year 1 have been having fun learning all about dinosaurs over the last few weeks! We have been enjoying reading our Big Book story ‘Rory and the Dinosaurs’ about a little boy who wishes he could meet some dinosaurs and one week his dream comes true. Here we are reading the story and adding our super Talk for Writing actions.

We discussed how we would feel if we met a dinosaur. Some children said they would be petrified and others said they would be happy!  

In topic we have been learning about different types of dinosaurs, where they were from and what they looked like. We talked about what was the same and what was different about dinosaurs and animals. Here is some of our excellent work!

We also learnt about the different continents and found out where fossils from many dinosaurs were found. We placed these dinosaurs on a world map and labelled the continents. 

We are looking forward to designing our own dinosaur next week! Keep up the good work year 1!