Hooke Court for Year 4!

So we have arrived safely and have unpacked all our suitcases… even those that were bigger than us!
After a beautiful drive through the Dorset countryside in the sunshine, we arrived around 12 noon. When we arrived, we had our lunch so that we had plenty of energy for our first challenge, team building/river study.
For this we split into two groups and one group tackled all sorts of activities that required us to work as a team with clear and sensible communication and patience. We rocked!
The other group headed down to the river and spent time investigating the stages of a river, the animals that live along the riverbank and how the river changes in different seasons. With only a few wet socks we thought it was a huge success and the staff at Hooke court were very impressed with the knowledge we already had from our topic work at school.
The photos below show some of things we got up to.. we hope you like them.