Film Night premiere

On Thursday 9th of January 2020, the children of Year 4 were very excited to visit Bournemouth University at 5pm to watch the film they had made. Throughout the autumn term, the children were researching, planning and filming sections of film about food throughout history using iMovie and the green screen. They looked at a range of different eras and events in history including medieval rich and poor, Henry VIII’s wedding banquets, royal weddings both old and modern, World War 2 rationing and the invention of fast food. It was exciting to know that when the film was finished it would be shown in a public setting in a lecture theatre at Bournemouth University with over 200 seats! 

When the night eventually came, lots of children arrived with their parents and siblings as well as a number of representatives from Bournemouth Arts University. Everyone was looking forward to a unique cinema experience where Year 4 were the stars of the show! The film lasted about 35 minutes and there were plenty of laughs along the way as Year 4 had tried to use a ‘Horrible Histories’ style when writing their scripts. At the end there was a deafening applause. Well done Year 4 for all the hard work you put in – it was well worth it!

Below are some pictures to show the size of the theatre and how busy the premiere was.