Year 1 had a really exciting start to the new year and new term – the launch of their new topic all about dinosaurs! 

We had a visit from Science Zone who brought their dinosaur dome – it was really super.  We got to sit inside the dome and learn all about different dinosaurs, how they were wiped out by an asteroid colliding with Earth, and how some dinosaurs had feathers! We loved looking up at the huge, domed roof and watching the animations. Here we are carefully climbing into the dome! 

Nigel, the dinosaur presenter, also brought along some dinosaur models, bones and artefacts to show us. 

Nigel also brought along something really disgusting! Dinosaur poo! Which we learnt has the proper name for is “coprolite.” Here is someone holding some dinosaur poo!

Later in the day we continued learning about dinosaurs through art activities. We used collage materials to make a stegosaurus. 

We had a fabulous day and we can’t wait to find out more about dinosaurs!