A Love of Books

The children in Year 2 had a very special visitor Karen from the  Letterpress Project – Karen brought into school an array of books all about Christmas. The books were by different authors, and were all  different shapes, sizes and also different ages!  Karen talked about different authors and illustrators including Eric Carle, Janet and Allan Alhberg and Raymond Briggs. The children looked at the differet types of  writing styles and illustrations found in books. They  had great  fun choosing their favourite Christmas tree and Santa Claus illustration from a selection and then trying to work out which books they came from.

The Christmas pop up books proved to be very popular. The children were fascinated at how the flat book could suddenly take on the shape of a 3 storey house or an angel. They’ve even expressed an interest to design and write their very own 3D story books.

It was a super session and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you Karen!