Poetry Competition Success!

On Saturday 30th November, a number of children from Year 4 were very proud to represent Winton Primary in a poetry competition open to all schools in Dorset. The challenge was to write a poem that engages with the environment and the problems our planet is facing. The children decided to focus in on animals that were endangered and whose habitats were being destroyed by human activity. After much discussion about vocabulary choices and inspiration found through other poets, the children created individual poems that described the beauty of these ‘at risk’ animals. These were then submitted to Sustainable Dorset, who had a published poet read them and judge them. We were very pleased when 7 children from Year 4 were shortlisted and invited to attend the prize giving (there were over 165 entries!). Below are some photos of them on the day when they were asked to read their work out to an audience at Poole Library. I have also included a copy of the poem that received second place for the Years 3 and 4 age range. Well done to all the children that submitted a poem it was great to see you challenging yourself to create something unique and interesting!

How to Create a Tiger


the silky marmalade from a delicious slice of bread

and the obsidian black from a piece of hot fiery charcoal

for her coat.



the roar from a very angry, brown grizzly bear

and the disgusting, horrible retching of an unwell child

for her voice.



the strict and demanding look from a mean, horrible teacher

and beautiful, shiny, amber, round pearls

for her eyes.



the hurtful, harmful sharpness of a horrifying shark

and the deadly, sharp bite of a hostile, out of control lion

for her teeth.