Wise Owl Readers

The children in Year 1 have loved taking Wise Owl home this year. Each class has an owl and a special book to take home and write in. IRD have named their owl Oscar and they are always excited to see whose turn it will be to take him home. The children chose their favourite book to read to wise Owl. They then record why the book is special to them. They are able to draw their favourite character, or part of the story, a story map representing the story, write a book review or add photos. 1RD have had some fantastic entries so far. Here are some below.


It is lovely to see the children so enthusiastic to read and I know how much they love looking after Oscar and sharing their favourite book with him. The class enjoy listening to why their friends have chosen a particular book and are always listening happily to their friend’s stories. Watch this space for future designs. We look forward to reading more of your favourite stories in school.