Brr! It’s cold outside!

Year 1 have got stuck into their topic ‘Brr it’s cold outside’. They have been learning about Alaska, locating it on a map and comparing it to where they live in the UK.
In Big Book sessions the children have been learning the talking story of ‘The Little Penguin’. They love reading it and adding their own actions. They were then able to write some excellent setting descriptions of the Antarctic using lots of super adjectives. We were very impressed with their beautiful handwriting.

The children are extremely excited for their visit to Talbot View Care Home on 12th December where they will be sharing their learning from this topic, as well as their talking story. They have also designed their own penguin puppets to help them perform the story to their audience.

We are very grateful for the support this week in our parent workshops to make our penguin puppets. We had lots of fun making and naming our felt creations!