Gymnastics Glory

Last Sunday Winton competed in the annual DSYGA Dorset Schools gymnastics tumbling event. We took three teams: A year 3/4 girls team, a Year 5/6 girls team and a Year 5/6 mixed team. Each team of five gymnasts had to perform a tumbling sequence under the marking criteria of a panel of judges as accurately as possible. Amazingly, considering the large amount of schools, and the high standard on display our Year 3/4 girls finished in 1st place and won the overall trophy for Winton. Then our Year 5/6 mixed team won their qualifiying event and then finished 1st in their final. A fabulous result for Winton and also another trophy for the team and the school. Overall this has made Winton the most successful school in Dorset for gymnastics results. Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Miss Davies and Leanne Mathie for their help in coaching the children ready for the competition.