1SC Class Assembly

On a chilly Tuesday 1SC were excited to share the learning they had done since September with the other Year 1 classes and also their families. 

They have been learning about old and new toys and gave facts about old bears. Did you know old bears have long snouts or noses and long arms and legs. Whereas new bears are softer and can be more colourful! They have also been learning a story about a lost toy; Dogger. They retold this story using actions to make the story come alive. 

Some children even  read out some writing they had done about the story. We had a character description and a retelling of an innovated story to listen to. 

After the half term holiday Year 1 had a mini topic on Guy Fawkes, a significant person in History. They retold a poem all about Bonfire Night and the 5 senses, again actions a plenty! They also showed some super firework art; they painted fireworks using thick and thin brushes and used chalk to make fireworks on black paper. 

They also made sparklers using tissue paper and paper straws – here they are waving them energetically! 

A super assembly 1SC, well done.