Helping the environment!

As part of Year 4’s topic ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ the children decided to make reusable bags to sell and raise money for the WWF. There were a number of stages to this process, each with its own new skills required. First, we had to cut fabric to an appropriate size and use both running stitch and oversewing to add a hem and sew up each side before turning it in the right way. Next, all the children worked on designs that would support our eco-friendly theme. Many of these featured the endangered animals we have been learnng about in class. Once a few amazing designs were chosen, these were transferred to lino (remembering that what we wanted to be in white were the bits we needed to cut out). Finally, each pupil chose a design for their bag and using special printing ink transferred the design onto the bag carefully. All in all this was a project that everyone knew was going to be a tough challenge but we are proud to say that on Saturday 16th November a group of children form the year group attended Kinson Christmas Fayre and sold our bags to the public. In our first sale we raised over £60 and we hope to sell our remaining bags at Winton Christmas Fayre on December the 6th.