Creature Caught on CCTV!

This week Year 3 found out about a very ‘interesting and fiery’ event that happened over the half term.

Mr Rooke, who looks after the school, had watched the CCTV and spotted a rather unusual creature landing in the school playground and courtyard.

He had seen a…



As you can imagine, there was a lot of discussion and questions, such as, “Where has it come from?”, “What type of dragon is it?”, “Was it lost or had it come here for a reason?”

After Mr Rooke’s talk, Year 3 went back to their classrooms to discuss the matter further and many children went home to carry out their own research.

The following day, Year 3 found out that this term, in Writing, they will be learning a Talking Text about a dragon called The Bournemouth Ridge-Back (a dragon whose habitat is located in Bournemouth)! Throughout the term, all children will be learning about its appeareance, feeding habits, habitat and other interesting facts in order to eventually write their own non-chronological report about a creature from their imagination.

However, it is still yet unknown as to whether the dragon spotted on Winton Primary School’s CCTV is a Bournemouth Ridge-Back or another breed entirely.

We will continue to research and discuss this matter as the term goes on and hopefully come closer to knowing what type of dragon it is and why it was at our school!