Letters to El Presidente!

Prior to the half term holiday year five wrote persuasive letters to the President of Brazil – Mr Jair Bolsonaro. The letters voiced their opinions regarding the nagative impact that deforestation is having, not just on Brazil, but the world as a whole. The childen felt so strongly regarding the issue that Mr Hassan suggested that they post the letters to Mr Bolsonaro to see if they would get a reply! The children carefully typed up their letters on the laptops ready to be dispatched. 

Some of the class were sceptical that the letters would even make it to the Post office so, over the half term, Mr Hassan typed a carefully and very politely worded covering letter and put the work in an envelope and sent it off to the President himself!

Here is actual proof of the letters making it to the Post office!

And even a proof of posting certificate to the presidential palace in Brasilia…..

Although we are not expecting a reply from the president of one of the biggest countries in the world, you never know, he may just take notice, we will post any correspondence on the blog if it happens!