Marvellous Mark-making

What a busy end to last half term Reception had. Over the past tfew weeks they have become fantastic writers. The children are enjoying using the fine motor skills they have learnt to now begin to hold their pencil with a tripod grip and begin to write sounds and words. It has been a pleasure to see their hard work pay off! They have particularly enjoyed writing about our two texts we have learnt this term, “The Highway Rat” and “Spot.” Writing captions for the characters and also simple sentences about the stories. 

The children have enjoyed mark making in various forms. This has included copying patterns, writing sounds and even writing sentences! The children have enjoyed mark making on the chalkboards, in the sand and even in some glitter. It has also been amazing to see how hard they have been working on their writing skills at home, they really do never stop writing!

 Great work Reception it is impressive to see how quickly your writing skills have developed, keep it up!