Order! Order!

This half term, Year 6 have been delving into the world of politics. Having intially explored the idea of democracy and how different governments are created around the world, we took a closer look at our own system. We explored the House of Commons by watching live debates and talked about how the system works. We moved onto the House of Lords and talked about the role they play when laws are created, debated and passed.

A couple of questions arose surrounding how people were elected to the House of Commons so we took a closer look at how MPs are elected and how they tend to fall into different political parties. This inspired us to start to create our own parties. Last week we considered suitable names, slogans, logos and came up with 5 key policies that represented our newly formed groups. Over the next few weeks (in time for Parliament week) we will be creating party political broadcasts, election posters and writing speeches to convince Year 4 and 5 to vote for us! Keep an eye out for our videos and see who you would vote for.