Reception Class Tours

We have settled into Reception so well, we have become experts in our new environment. We have been learning lots about our new school community in our “We are Winton” topic, meeting some very familiar faces that we will see every day. We had visits from Mr Tarchetti, Miss Perrett and Mr Rooke, who all told us about their jobs and when we would see them around school. We then went on a tour of the whole school, looking at all of the different areas we will be learning in as we move through the school – we all loved the look of the big play trail!

Last week we wanted to show off how well we know our Reception base, giving a tour to all of our parents. We had our own tour sheet, showing them where our pegs are, where we keep things in the classroom and our favourite places to play. It was so lovely to see how proud the children were of their new classrooms and they all showed off their art work we have been doing in the last few weeks. 



Reception were all brilliant tour guides, they all showed some great things they are loving about school so far, we can’t wait to have you all in to see our work again soon!