TT Rockstars!

The children in Year 2 have been taking part in a daily TT Rockstar challenge for the first time since they started at Winton and they are really enjoying competing against themselves to beat their previous scores.  The children have 3 minutes to answer as many of the 60 tables questions as they can, whilst rocking out to a classic song. ‘We Are the Champions’ is currently a firm favourite.

So far all the questions have been based on the 10 times tables, so the children could all begin with a table they were familiar with. The questions will move on the 2 and 5 times tables as the weeks progress. 

For the time being we will continue to concentrate on the 10 times table and try to improve our scores and speed each week. Having an instant recall of times tables with help the children in all areas of maths, so the quicker they can answer the questions the better! 

Don’t forget if you want to practise TT Rockstars at home logins are on the back of each child’s diary! Have fun!