Stone Age Day

Last Monday was Year 3 Stone Age Day and the children came to school dressed as Stone Age hunter-gatherers – they looked incredible.

Throughout the day, Year 3 children rotated around 4 Stone Age based activities: collaging, clay jewellery modelling, cave etching and outfit designing.

Children carefully collaged animals and scenes from the Stone Age by tearing and gluing small pieces of paper to create a colourful and interesting effect. The children cooperatively managed to create woolly mammoths and cave collages to be proud of.


In clay jewellery making, Year 3 used their modelling skills and tools to form small beads, teeth and oblong shapes in order to create authentic-looking Stone Age jewellery. Once they had finished shaping, the children carefully poked holes in each piece to ensure they could thread them on to a piece of string once dried. (The jewellery has almost dried and is waiting to be assembled into bracelets and necklaces)!


Another creative activity involved Year 3 children designing their own cave man and woman costumes. They did not have to look far for inspiration and many children chose a leopard print design to adorn their Stone Age figures!

The last activity gave children the chance to paint within a cave (under their desks). The children used charcoal to etch basic patterns and scenes from Stone Age life. These were based on the surviving works of Stone Age painting, which have been found on natural rock surfaces.

Overall, Year 3 ‘rocked’ Stone Age Day and produced some fantastic artwork!