This week the children have been introduced to their new topic, ‘toys.’ The children have been talking about their own favourite toys and the teachers have brought in their own favourite childhood toy. The children loved seeing the teachers’ teddy bears and liked to guess how old they were!

Year One also found a mysterious looking box in indoor learning. It had lots of old toys inside. The children have loved exploring the spinning tops, skipping ropes, puppets, acrobats, climbers and lots of other moving toys. The children discovered that some of the toys in the box were the same as those they play with.


They then discussed what is the same and what is different about these items and the toys they play with. They have been thinking about what the toys have been made of and why certain materials were used then and not today. They were then able to sort old and new toys and label them within topic lessons.


This week Year One have also been learning about the history of teddy bears. They learnt that teddy bears originated in Germany and America. The children have been fantastic at ordering the bears on a timeline using great vocabulary such as, old, oldest, new, and newer and also writing sentences about their differences.

We are very proud of our Year One children and are very excited about continuing our topic.