Our Ocean Visitor

Year 3 were extremely lucky to have a visit from an oceanographer. He works at Bournemouth University and has had pictures published in newspapers, adverts and magazines. 

His most famous picture is of a turtle eating a plastic bag. He talked to us about the damage that he has seen plastic do to our seas and oceans.

He showed us some of the equipment that he uses to take potos underwater.


and he told us about some of the animals he has been lucky enough to swim with and photograph from turtles and seahorses to sharks, dolphins and whales!

He reminded us about the importance of taking rubbish home with us when we have had a day at the beach.

and he reminded us about the 4 Rs!

We learnt a lot and it was really interesting to listen to someone who has seen the real damage that we are doing to our oceans. We want to look after all the animals in the sea and have made some amazing artwork all about this since we had our visit. Thank you Saeed!