Year 6 are buzzing!

There has been a real buzz in Year 6, since returning to school, as we have been looking at bees.

As part of the Winton School theme of the environment, we have been looking at how bees impact on our lives and the planet as a whole.  We also examined what we can do to help bees thrive and explored our own Winton garden to see what ways we were already doing so.

As well as learning about the anatomy of bees and discovering just how they make honey, each class also produced poems and art to add to the main WPS display board situated in the waiting area next to the main entrance.


To give us even more of an insight into bees, we also had a talk from a real beekeeper! Not only did we get to see the clothes and equipment that a beekeeper uses, we also learnt how to avoid getting stung when working up close and personal with 50,000 bees! We found out how different flowers help the bees produce different flavours of honey and discovered that bees dance in order to tell the other bees where to find the best sources of pollen and nectar.