When Copper visited

Mrs Brown brought her dog ‘Copper’ into school to visit Year 2.  It was part of our Science learning about adaptations and inheritance. Mrs Brown showed us pictures of Copper’s mum and dad, a beagle and a bassett and we looked at which parts of Copper were beagle traits and which were bassett traits.

Copper has a white tip on his tail like a beagle and white socks on his legs. He has short hair and and a long nose. His ears are longer than a beagle’s but shorter than a bassett’s. 


Copper is long like a bassett and has big front paws like a bassett. He is the same colour as his mum, who was a bassett and has short bassett legs. 

Beagles and bassetts are hound dogs, they were bred, along with other breeds of dog to hunt other animals. We learnt what adaptations Copper has that make him good for this job.

Copper has a brilliant nose so that he can follow the scent of an animal and his long ears waft the smell into his nose to make the smell even stronger. He has brilliant hearing and he is low to the ground so he can sniff things easily. 

The white tip on his tail is also important because hounds hunt in big groups called packs and it shows the rest of the pack where he is.

He has special teeth that are very different to ours because in the wild dogs would eat mainly meat so they have much sharper teeth than humans. Even the way his tongue works when drinking is clever because it turns into a scoop and he has special rigdes on the roof of his mouth to help the water stay in his mouth. 

Some children in the class were so excited about Copper coming in that they brought him treats and gifts, which was very kind and Copper was very grateful.

We had a lovely afternoon with Copper and learnt lots of really interesting facts.