Year 5 learn to Swim Safe

On Thursday 11th July year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to spend a day at the beach. 

The purpose of the day was to be told how to stay safe at the beach, in particular in the water. The day consisted of four sessions. Two were team building sessions with our PE teachers and the other two were with the swim safe instructors at Boscombe Beach. 

We learnt how to choose where in the sea is safe to swim and what we should do before we go in the water to maximise our safety. We were also told what to do if you get into danger in the water. The key message was to ‘Float, Breathe, Relax.’ The children also acted out scenarios in groups if they got into danger as a group including linking arms and how to call for help. 

I think all the children would agree that it was a great day. Another huge thank you to Mr Burt and Mr Miller for making the day possible.

The children had fun but also learnt a lot about how they can stay safe whilst having fun at our glorious beaches here in Bournemouth.