Winton Carnival

Last weekend, Winton Primary School took part in the annual Winton Carnival! Year 3 did a fantastic job of preparing for the carnival which was based on our Roman topic. In the weeks prior to the carnival, children were busy making shields and thanks to the efforts of the staff, a fantastic banner was created. Year 3 spent weeks practising the song, which was adapted from the original ‘We built this city’ by Starship. We had been learning about how the Romans had influenced roads and houses in Britain, and that’s where the idea for the new song came from. Miss Sinclair did a wonderful job of creating some actions, and the children learnt them with great enthusiasm. On the day of the carnival the children, parents and staff all gathered, ready to start the parade. 


As we walked through the high street, we were greeted with cheers and whistles, and it only got better as our performance started! The children did a fantastic job of staying in tune, singing loudly and with smiles on their faces! Even though it was extremely hot, there were no complaints and everyone enjoyed the morning! We were proud to hear that we won the carnival for the second year running, and would like to thank everyone who helped!