Reception BST collobaration day

With our school being part of the BST, every year each year group comes together with other children from schools in the local area. Winton teamed up with Kingsleigh this year for a fun, action packed day.

Each year group had a different continent and this year Reception had Oceania. On Friday, we all came together for our collaboration day. We found Australia on a map and discussed what it is like to live there and how we would get there too. Being the other side of the world the children have noticed lots of differences.  The children all met in the morning, having time to play together and shared some facts that they had learnt about Australia.

We then had a visit from Kevin the Koala, who told us he needed us to make some aboriginal art pictures using small dots. The children chose their favourite Australian animal and drew around a stencil, they then used a cotton bud and a variety of coloured paint to dot the inside of their animals. It was lovely to see the sharing and team work that went on in their mixed tables, making new friends for the day.

We then had a great time learning the Haka. Kevin the Koala told us all about the Mauri traditions and how they used them to scare off their opponents in rugby. The children did a great job of following the video and enjoyed performing it to each other. I was lucky enough to go to Kingsleigh with Apple class. Although when I got back to Winton Pear class were keen to show me the Haka they had learnt. Look at those cross faces!

It was really lovely to watch the children interact together, making friends and working in a new environment. All the children said how much they enjoyed their day and are looking forward to the next one when they move up to year one.