A Royal week in Reception

Help, the Queen’s handbag has been stolen! What a busy week the children in Reception have had. After receiving a video message from the Queen saying her handbag and crown jewels have been stolen the children have been hunting around Reception to help find them! Linking to our new story, ‘The Queens Handbag’. Finding out about the stolen goods has led to Reception learning all about Queen Elizabeth. Over the past 2 weeks the children have enjoyed writing fantastic fact cards, making invitations and even wanted posters!

Indoor learning has transformed into a castle to reflect our new topic and the children have enjoyed role playing as the Royal Family. They have enjoyed hosting royal tea parties and creating narratives whilst dressed up in character. The children have also enjoyed working outside. They have been washing up the Queen’s dirty dishes, painting with mops and also have been going on royal word hunts. Have a look at the photos to see how busy we have been!

The children have been working hard to improve their fine motor skills by using the geoboards and using chopsticks to pick up pom-poms. They have been doing some great writing, especially enjoying writing in the shaving foam! Outside, they have also showed great gross motor skills and hand eye co-ordination by balancing blocks to build Royal castles. Reception have shown their creative side by painting, Kings, Queens and Crowns, wow! Reception you have had a busy few weeks!