Chariot Making in Year 3

This term we have been having learning all about the Romans, including what they liked to do for entertainment. The children were really impressed by the chariot races and loved watching a re-enactment that was filmed in France. Alongside using chariots for entertainment, we have also learnt about mosaics, why the Romans came to Britain, how they lived and what food they used to eat. Following on from our Roman day, the children were given the opportunity to be creative and we made chariots from scratch. 


First we created the shapes using cardboard, this was a little tricky as the cardboard was quite thick and some children needed a hand cutting the wheels! Our second step was to stick all the components together and then papier mache the entire card and wheels. The final step was to paint, with some children managing to paint different designs on their chariot. 


Alongside the practical learning,  the children also had to design their chariot, and write step by step instructions on how to make one. The planning process was essential to making the finished products look as great as possible!